Matthew Neufeld

Project manager and estimator for Braemyn. He began his career in the building industry as a framer. This trade laid a foundation for his future building career, teaching him about the stages of building and instilling a renowned work ethic. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Calgary. His education has enabled him to intelligently navigate the Calgary real estate market and invest in sought-after communities. Building courses he has taken include Building Envelope, Construction Fundamentals, Soil Conditions, Moisture Control, and Leadership and Safety. His amiable personality has contributed to fostering positive relationships with Braemyn's customers and trades.

Brent Schartner

Manages financing and accounting for Braemyn Homes. He has been building homes in the Calgary area and BC lower mainland for over 25 years. This includes single family homes, inner city custom infills, and multi-family complexes. Brent is proud to have a long history of satisfied customers. This has contributed to his reputation as a businessman with integrity. His goal is to provide a high quality home to his customers without the need for follow-up services.

Tyler Thorne

Project manager for Braemyn, Tyler brings 5 years of commercial and residential granite and tile installation experience and 5 years of renovation/ new home construction. He is a journeyman marble mason and holds expertise in building envelope, leadership in safety and construction fundamentals.