A Few Favorite Things: Our Top Product Picks for 2023

Throughout the past year, we’ve had the privilege of exploring and incorporating some truly exceptional products into our custom homebuilding projects and renovations. From colors and textures, to shape and form, each selection played a pivotal role in shaping the spaces we’ve helped to create. Join us on this journey of reminiscence as we delve into our favorite homebuilding product picks of the year – a collection that not only defines our projects but also mirrors the ever-evolving landscape of modern home design.


If you have been around us for any length of time, you will know that we love lighting. Choosing the right type of lighting for a space is key to a successful design. Light fixtures both serve the purpose of providing adequate lighting in a home, but they can also tie a space together, adding to the overall aesthetic of a space. A good way to think of them is like jewelry for a room: the right fixture can make a room go from okay and average to WOW!

Image: Braemyn Homes | Palliser Residence
Image: EGLO

These gorgeous pastel green and gold pendant lights from EGLO installed in the Palliser Residence earlier this year were one of the fixtures that did just that. The pop of color is just so fun and helps to visually balance the darker wood tones of the island, without competing for attention in the space. And the gold ties in perfectly with the ever-popular brass hardware installed throughout.


One of the most fun aspects of building custom homes is getting to see how our clients’ personalities and styles shine through their selections. This is especially true when it comes to tile. There are so many different types of tiles out there and it is one of the most easily customizable features that can truly make your new home a reflection of your tastes and preferences.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Modern English Cottage

A tile install that stood out to us this year was the main bathroom wall tile at the Modern English Cottage. These Safi Brick 2” x 6” ceramic tiles and accompanying hexagon tiles from Ames resemble the look and feel of exotic hand-crafted Moroccan tiles, creating a stunning and unique focal point in this bathroom.


And tile wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous countertop to go with it. Countertops work hand in hand with everything else, tying together the colors and tones of your millwork, tile, paint, flooring, and even fixtures. They can help to bring a sense of cohesion to a space and can make a bold and beautiful statement in your new custom home.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Contemporary Chic Cottage

These Irah Tempesta countertops we installed earlier this year at the Contemporary Chic Cottage perfectly achieved this with their strikingly stunning veining pattern. These countertops work so well with the darker tones of the flooring and paint colors but are also able to keep the space feeling light and airy. And the best part is that they are made of engineered quartz, which will keep them maintenance-free and looking good for many years to come.


And we can’t forget about paint! This year we saw a major movement away from the greys and whites and neutrals towards unexpected pops of color instead. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the custom homes that did this the most is the Modern English Cottage we mentioned earlier. The home’s playful patterns and bright colors are tastefully paired with its contemporary design elements, creating a beautifully distinct space tailored to the homeowners’ style and preferences.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Modern English Cottage
Image: Verde Home

A color that caught our attention is Farrow & Ball’s Calluna No. 270 used for the kitchen millwork. This tranquil lilac color is both soft and strikingly sophisticated, making it the perfect complement to the white upper cabinets and tile backsplash as well as the warmer wood tones found in the flooring and timber accents

In closing, as we look back on the custom homes we’ve built this year and the products that have shaped them, we’re reminded that each decision, each meticulous choice, has contributed to the creation of beautifully unique spaces for each and every one of our amazing clients. With gratitude for the opportunities this past year has given us, we are so excited for what the upcoming year holds for the ever-evolving world of home building.

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