Designing Functional & Fabulous Rooms for Kids 101

So, you want to design a totally awesome room for your kids, but don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of your home. Is it possible to design a space that is both functional for kids and fabulous? Can you design a timeless space for them that will grow with your child as they mature?

The answer is a resounding YES! And today we are talking all about how to do that. Here are our top tips for designing fabulous and functional spaces for the littles in your life!

Wall Treatments

When it comes to wall treatments for your child’s bedroom, the possibilities are seemingly endless. One quick scroll through Pinterest will present thousands of ideas using bright paint colors, wallpapers with designs of superheroes or cartoon characters, and all sorts of wall decals. As fun as all these options may be, though, wall treatments are also where the design for the room can quickly de-rail.

Something to keep in mind is that walls are a canvas for the rest of the room – a foundation of the overall design. If you would like to use a fun wallpaper, we recommend using one with neutral colors or a more subtle pattern to ensure that it won’t quickly become dated when your child outgrows this stage of life. If using wall decals, avoid trends that will quickly come and go and focus instead on shapes and forms that will compliment the overall design of the space for years to come. For paint, opt for neutral or sophisticated colors that can easily transition as your child’s preferences change over time.

Here are a few options to get you started:

For kids (and adults) who just love lots of bold beautiful colors, don’t worry. There are some good options for you too! One of our top tips is to pick a few colors that work well together and do a color-blocked feature wall. This technique allows you to get creative with colors, shapes and lines, while simultaneously making the combination of those things an intentional feature in and of themselves.

Image: Braemyn Homes | 306 Avenue Residence


Cleanability is a must when it comes to designing spaces for kids, because (let’s be honest) life happens! But having a room that is cleanable, does not mean that it can’t also have good design. One of our favorite ways to make a space cleanable is to tile the walls around a bathroom vanity and toilet. Tiling either the full wall or up to a chair rail height is both a nice touch design-wise for the space, and it makes those areas super easy to clean.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Frontenac Residence

You can also use Scotch Guard on fabrics to keep them stain resistant, use hardwood or vinyl flooring in the bedroom with an area rug, rather than installing carpet, or use wipeable paints for the walls, rather than a sheen that is harder to keep clean. All of these things will make their space practical and functional without compromising on aesthetics. 


Light fixtures are one of the best ways to branch out a bit and add some pizazz to your child’s space. A fun lamp on the bedside table or a unique hanging fixture can go a long way and will add an amazing amount of character and personality to your child’s room. When designing the space, think of light fixtures as the jewellery of a space. One of two key pieces can make a big statement and will go a long way in making the design of their room really shine.    

Image: Braemyn Homes | 306 Avenue Residence

Storage Solutions

If there is one thing all kids’ spaces need it is storage. But investing in the right storage is key to success when designing a fabulous and functional room for your child. Toys, books, and games can easily become difficult to manage and it is tempting to want to dump everything into not-so-attractive plastic bins (or the garbage, for that matter). But what if there is a better way to deal with the mine field taking over your child’s bedroom?

Image: Braemyn Homes | Killarney Residences

The good news is that there are tons of functional storage options out there that will look good in your child’s bedroom too! Our number one recommendation is to invest in storage solutions that can pivot over time. Built-ins are a wonderful option to both add character to your space and provide a plethora of storage options for your child. Right now, a built-in bench might house your child’s favorite books, games, and toys, but years from now, it might be a great place to keep textbooks and keepsakes.

IKEA storage systems are another great, good-looking option that can be added to or reconfigured as your child’s storage needs change. Here are a few of our favorites:

Get Creative

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when designing a fabulous space for your child. An awkward nook in their room could be a great place for a built-in desk. An otherwise unusable space under the stairs could be a super fun place for them to hang out with their friends. Each space is ripe with potential, and a little bit of creativity is all it takes to make a space truly fabulous and functional for you and your child.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Frontenac Residence

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