Exterior Design Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Summer

It’s officially June and that means that it is finally time to tackle those long-awaited exterior renovation projects! To help you get started, we have put together some of the top exterior design trends to keep your eye on this summer.

1. Fiber Cement Siding

One of the most visible aspects of a home is the material used for cladding exterior walls. More and more people are using fiber cement siding to clad their homes as it is a durable product that is non-combustible and resistant to moisture and rot. It is also insusceptible to pests and can withstand severe weather, making it one of the premier choices for exteriors.

One of our favorite products to use is James Hardie’s Lap Siding, which features many color options and works for a variety of exterior styles.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Rustic Shoreline Cottage

2. Neutral colors

As much as we love bold and beautiful colors, we have seen a major shift towards more subdued and neutral exterior color schemes. These palettes include whites, blacks, dark blues, greys, and earthy colors. Rather than using greens, reds, or yellows to make a house stand out from all the others, many homeowners prefer to use a variety of exterior textures and materials to give their home visual interest instead. A more neutral color base lays the perfect foundation for all the other materials selected and allows the architectural design itself to shine.

Here are some of our favorite exterior colors:

James Hardie | Night Gray
Home Image: Braemyn Homes | 15th Street Residence

James Hardie | Khaki Brown
Image: Braemyn Homes | Modern Rustic Cottage

James Hardie | Deep Ocean
Image: Braemyn Homes | Chic Mountain Cottage

3. Natural Materials

Speaking of variety in materials, an ever-growing design trend is to use natural materials inside and outside the home. In contemporary homes, these natural elements help to soften modern lines and edges. They can also add a more familiar and comfortable note to a home’s exterior design, creating a more welcoming environment.

A few of our favorite natural materials to use include:

· Timber accents
· Cedar soffits
· Rough-cut Stones
· Tumbled Brick
· River Rock
· Cedar (Real or Faux) Garage Doors

One of our favorite examples of tying more natural elements into the exterior design of a home is the Frontenac Residence, which used paired its stucco exterior with natural stone, cedar soffit, and cedar garage door.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Frontenac Residence

4. Black Metal Clad Windows

In contrast to the use of more natural materials on home exteriors, we are also seeing a growing movement toward black metal clad windows. Metal black windows pair well with many different styles of homes and make the windows themselves a true focal point of the exterior design. They also help to keep the look of a home clean and sophisticated.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Killarney Residences

5. Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Another popular design trend is to tie indoor spaces together with the great outdoors. There are many ways to do this, but the goal is to create a living area outside that one can enjoy. A folding door system, hot tub, or even kitchen can help to create a cozy oasis, perfect for hosting friends and family. By adding some heaters or an outdoor fireplace, even the outside spaces of your home can be enjoyed all year long.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Uplands Residence

6. Metal Roofing

One of the top questions we receive when navigating with clients through the exterior design of their home is whether we can incorporate metal roofing into their design. Metal roofing is an increasingly popular trend that has been made popular by enthusiasts of more modern farmhouse styles. The most common metal roofing color we see is black and it pairs well with a variety of color schemes. It is also extremely durable and able to withstand severe weather conditions, which makes it a very practical design choice as well.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Cottage Club

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