Lot Selection

If you do not have an initial lot purchased, we will assist you with our real estate team in finding the right lot for you. We will also assist in assessing any concerns with a lot such as retaining walls, architectural controls, water management, grade requirements and height restrictions.


Braemyn Homes and the client will establish an approximate budget for the project as well as what type of financing the client would prefer, whether it be a draw mortgage with an initial deposit or a ‘cost-plus’ finance throughout.

Initial Design

The client at this time will enter into a design process with a design team and a Braemyn Project Coordinator. This process takes approximately 3 months, however it could take longer depending on the size and complexity of the home.

In order to make this process purposeful and expedient, the client is required to establish the following:

Establish what type of design you are drawn to, whether it is contemporary, transitional, etc. You can effectively understand your design by actively accumulating pictures. Try to touch on the various features of the home, such as exterior, kitchens, ensuite, greatroom, recreation room, bar etc. Helpful links:

A set of values you want to reflect throughout your home, whether it be to entertain people, foster a certain development in your family, (i.e. music, art, athletics, etc.), or a sustainable, green design. Generally when you have established the ideals and values in a home the design team can often refer to this during the building process.

Working Drawings

The design team and project coordinator will assist in creating a blueprint of the home. The client has an option to use an architect or designer in drafting a conceptual picture of the home. Once this is complete, a draftsperson can begin the process of working drawings. A draftsperson will create a blueprint initially based on a series of initial meetings and then the design team and client will make changes. During this process the design team, project coordinator, and client will start identifying the following:

  • Features in the home such as a fireplace, art niches etc.
  • Millwork – this would include finishing, lockers, cabinets, etc.
  • Exterior and Interior Products

Specifications Review and Budget

Once the design has been finalized and specifications have been reviewed as per Step 4 Braemyn will accumulate a final budget and construction timeline and present to the client. This process may take approximately 2-3 weeks, depending primarily on the complexity of the home. A fixed budget will be established based on the specifications and plan.

New Home Warranty Purchase Contract

If the client is happy with the pricing as provided in Step 5, the client and Braemyn will enter into a purchase contract. A deposit towards the construction will be required at this time.

Construction Start

The project coordinator will begin construction with an open dialogue with the client on how the steps will proceed. There are various inspections that are milestones in the construction of the clients’ home. The client is invited to meet with the project coordinator at these milestones to inspect the quality in the home as well as finalize any changes that need to be made before construction continues. Inspections are as follows:

  • Pre-Backfill Inspection
  • Framing Inspection
  • Building Envelope Inspection
  • Structured Wiring and Electrical Inspection
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Drywall Inspection
  • Cabinet Inspection
  • Paint Inspection
  • Lighting Inspection
  • Tile Inspection
  • Landscape Inspection
  • Home Occupancy Orientation
  • Possession Orientation
  • 60 Day Orientation
  • 1 Year Orientation


Approximately 60 days before the clients home is complete, the client will be provided a Possession Letter confirming the actual date of taking possession of their new home. There will be a Home Orientation approximately one week before actual possession. This allows the client to be provided orientation of various components of their home such as plumbing systems, HVAC systems, alarm systems, home automation systems, etc.

Warranty Period

Braemyn will set up two orientations to insure everything is satisfactory, make any minor adjustments as required, and answer any questions a client may have about their home. Braemyn prides itself on satisfied customers, therefore we practice open communication before and after possession.