Matthew Neufeld

General Manager for Braemyn. He began his career in the building industry as a framer. This trade laid a foundation for his future building career, teaching him about the stages of building and instilling a renowned work ethic. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Calgary. His education has enabled him to intelligently navigate the Calgary real estate market and invest in sought-after communities. Building courses he has taken include Building Envelope, Construction Fundamentals, Soil Conditions, Moisture Control, and Leadership and Safety. His amiable personality has contributed to fostering positive relationships with Braemyn's customers and trades.

Brent Schartner

Estimator and office manager for Braemyn. Brent has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years starting with framing and transitioning to building in the early 2000’s. He has worked on everything from single family homes to side by side infills and numerous multi family complexes. Brent’s passion for custom homes comes from his love for creating something new, and embracing the challenge of unrepeated elements in each project. His high attention for detail and perfection is a significant factor in producing quality homes. Brent also focuses on trade and customer satisfaction as he recognizes the importance of great relationships in the building process. He is a key component in project preparation prior to construction, and is a visionary for Braemyn’s success and growth.

Sean Dixon

Site supervisor for Braemyn. He has a background running and leading crews in heavy equipment as well as carpentry for a multi unit condo complex. His background laid a foundation for construction experience and team leadership development. He has a Bachelors Degree in arts, and various certifications on worksite safety. Sean is recognized by clients for his willingness to serve and his great attitude. His investment in those relationships results in a great appreciation for the care that he diligently puts into his work on each project.

Laura Giesbrecht

Specializes in marketing, design and purchasing for Braemyn. Originally from southern California, she graduated with honors from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. When she wasn’t philosophizing, though, she was engaging in art and design courses at any chance that she could. Upon joining the Braemyn team, she felt right at home as her lifelong passion for interior design and creativity collided with her many years of experience in customer-centric service. Laura facilitates the selection process with our clients, offering assistance and insight along the way.