2023: A Year in Review

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on the past twelve months and the many unique projects we have gotten to be a part of. Each project has been a chapter in the larger story of our commitment to turning dreams into reality, brick by brick and beam by beam. In this blog article, we invite you to join us in a nostalgic stroll through the past year, where we’ve had the privilege of bringing to life a myriad of stunning homes that echo the visions and aspirations of our amazing clients.

Custom New Builds

Parkhill Residence

One of the first projects we completed this year was the Parkhill Residence, located in Calgary, Alberta. This custom home’s striking linear form and sophisticated façade complement its superb craftsmanship throughout. And that craftsmanship is not just evident in this stunning home’s aesthetics; each structural and building science detail of this custom home was carefully considered and customized to ensure this home would truly bebuilt to last.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Parkhill Residence

Lac St. Anne Residence

This year we also had the incredible opportunity to build our very first Ready-to-Move home! Our clientswanted to build their dream home north of Edmonton, but also knew that they wanted the quality and craftsmanship of a Braemyn home. They asked if we would consider building them an RTM home and we got to work designing and ultimately constructing a home that could be moved to its final location up north. We are so excited to share more about this stunning home very soon!

Custom Cottages

Out at CottageClub, near Ghost Lake, we also had the wonderful opportunity to bring four brand-new custom cottages to life! Each of these homes was custom-designed and uniquely crafted to reflect the style and preferences of our amazing clients. Here is a quick glimpse into each of these beautiful homes.

Modern Classic Cottage

The first of these cottages was the Modern Classic Cottage. This stunning, custom-designed two-story home effortlessly blends the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design with the finishes and materials of a more timeless and classic interior style.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Modern Classic Cottage

Cozy Rustic Cottage

We then finished up the Cozy Rustic Cottage. The homeowners of this beautiful custom cottage wanted to create a home that could transition with them and be used as both a weekend getaway and a full-time residence. The classic style of the home pairs perfectly with its rustic finishes creating a timeless, but comfortable ambiance that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Mission accomplished!

Image: Braemyn Homes | Cozy Rustic Cottage

Contemporary Chic Cottage

Another stunning custom cottage we had the opportunity to build was the Contemporary Chic Cottage, where contemporary design blends perfectly with the elegance of the home’s classic, timeless style. The homeowner of this beautiful custom new build wanted to build her“forever home” and create a space that could transition with her and her family into her retirement years. There are so many things to love about this home, but one of our favorite features is the striking quartz countertop throughout the home.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Contemporary Chic Cottage

Modern English Cottage

The last cottage we completed this year was the Modern English Cottage and we absolutely love how it turned out! The homeowners of this stunning, one-of-a-kind, custom home wanted to create a fun-filled and relaxing retreat for their family to enjoy. The home’s playful patterns and bright colors are tastefully paired with its contemporary design elements, creating a beautifully distinct space tailored to the homeowner’s style and preferences.

Image: Braemyn Homes | Modern English Cottage


2023 also brought with it the opportunity to renovate a number of homes as well. These home renovations ranged in size, scope, and scale, but it was truly such a joy to see each home transformation come to life.

Ogden Residence

One of the largest renovations we completed this year was the Ogden Residence. The homeowners of this lovely home wanted to do something with their property that could both be enjoyed by their family now and be a wise investment for their future. They decided to renovate their existing home and we got to work. We looked at the current floor plan and structure and identified what worked for them and what they wanted to change, and we came up with a plan that would completely update their home inside and out. The result? Their once tired and outdated home is now a modernized masterpiece that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Palliser Residence

Earlier this year we also did a major renovation at the Palliser Residence, a charming split-level bungalow that was completely transformed and given a new lead on life. Prior to this extensive renovation, this 1970s home had a closed-concept floor plan all too common for its era. The main floor’s kitchen, dining, and living room were segmented into individual rooms, making the space feel much smaller than it was. But the homeowners saw their home’s potential and sought to rework the layout and update the finishes throughout. During this extensive remodel, we removed the dividing walls in the common area and replaced the finishes throughout, creating a much more open, updated space for them to enjoy.

Douglasdale Residence

One of our favorite transformations was done at the Douglasdale Residence in partnership with Rebecca St. John Design. The homeowners loved the location of their home but dreamt for years of renovating it to give it an entirely new look and feel. Their home was built in the 90s and featured the era’s classic yellow oak cabinetry and hardwood floors throughout. Large decorative arches had also been incorporated into the original design of the house, limiting the functionality of the kitchen, and making the main living area feel very dark and closed in. However, the homeowners saw the potential and decided it was time to get started with the renovation that would turn their house into their dream home.

What’s Next?

As we kick off the new year, there are many exciting projects we are looking forward to. One of the most unique projects is a custom home we will be building northwest of Cochrane. We have affectionately named it the “New Old House” because that is essentially what it will be. Part of the home will be constructed from a restored 100+ year old log cabin and the rest of the home will be brand new but made to look like itis straight out of the pages of a history book.

2024 will also be a very busy year at CottageClub, as we finish up not one but TWO brand-new spec homes. If you have been thinking about building your new home in this fabulous lakeside community, this is an exclusive opportunity you will not want to miss! Both homes will be completed in the Summer of 2024, just in time to enjoy all that this amazing community has to offer.

In addition to our new spec homes, there are quite a few custom cottages coming to CottageClub as well this year. Here is a sneak peek of some of the new custom homes you can look forward to seeing around CottageClub in 2024:

All in all, we are so thankful to all our amazing clients, trades, vendors, and industry partners for your continued partnership in 2023. It has truly been an incredible year. We are SO excited for 2024 and all the wonderful projects we will get to be a part of in this brand new year. From all of us here at Braemyn Homes, happy new year!

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